Friday, December 18, 2009

Spring Leadership Conference

I am very excited about the Spring Leadership Conference scheduled for April 14- 17, 2010 in the beautiful city of Palm Springs. While the destination is an attraction in itself it is not the only reason you should bring your staff team and attend the conference.

This conference will provide your leadership team the opportunity to build yourselves- much like you build your counseling and program staff teams during your own camp orientation.
  • Help your staff learn valuable skills for training, coaching and supervising other staff.
  • Come and network with camp peers from Southern California, Hawaii and beyond!
  • Gain cutting-edge information regarding children and youth in the 21st century.
Who should attend?
  • Developing Directors
  • Seasonal Directors
  • Program Directors
  • Assistant Directors
  • Staff Supervisors
  • Middle Managers
  • Students interested in camp as a career
Of course, if you are an experienced director, you should plan to attend too! You are able to attend the conference free with a team of 6 from your camp. And you are invited to register for the Experienced Director Day option on Friday.

The conference chairs, John Beitner and Maria Horner have put together an incredible conference committee. Program and activities are in the process of being planned- some of our industry favorite speakers will be presenting new material and as mentioned on the website, we have Ashley Merryman helping us to understand some of today's best science on raising children. If you haven't purchased her book, Nurture Shock, New Thinking About Children co-authored with Po Bronson I encourage you to go and buy it today! I am almost done reading it and I highly recommend it. be sure to check the website often, it will be updated as speakers are added to the schedule. Po and Ashley also have a blog you might want to check out

If you know of a vendor who might be a good fit for our exhibit hall, please let me know, we want to fill our exhibit hall with great resources. We are also looking for conference sponsors.

Along with an excellent program the committee is planning an opportunity drawing - a chance to win fabulous prizes and social activities to provide greater networking opportunities.

Be sure to check out the hotel too- it is definitely a destination: and you can't beat the $100 per night room rates.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a healthy New Year!

See you in Palm Springs,