Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quiet Times

The calm before the storm. I know most people with school age children would not agree that this is a "calm" time. Seems there are more parties, events and "to dos" these first 2 weeks of June than there are during the holidays. I know my calendar is pretty full. 
But to a large group of adults this is really the "calm' before they launch into a tremendously busy summer. That group of adults? Camp Directors. Right now many of them are putting last minute touches on their training schedules, they are copying the
ir staff manuals and prepping for parent night. 

The staff has been hired, supplies have been ordered, logistics have been figured, schedules are developing, and the anticipation is rising. Today the anticipation is about the staff who will arrive shortly. The team building is about to take place, the songs, skits and camper lists will be distributed, soon after the staff arrive, storm, norm and form the campers will come! 

Children will disembark from buses, boats and cars. Parents will kiss their precious angels good-bye, leaving them in the hands of capable, enthusiastic staff, whether for a day, a week or a month- they know their children are in for an incredible experience. 

Camp - if you haven't enrolled your child today- do it! They will have fun and learn life lessons all at the same time!

Make it a Great Day!


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